Collision Solutions Network

Your Repairs Are Guaranteed for Life

CSN Collision Solutions Network logoBest of all, you're covered anywhere you take your car in Canada. There are over 300 participating collision repair centres across the nation that will help you should anything go wrong. It's all thanks to CSN - the Collision Solutions Network.

CSN: A Better Way to Serve Customers

In 2002 a group of Toronto repair centre owners got together to try and find ways to serve customers better. They knew that repair shops didn't always have the best reputation and they wanted to create a sign so customers could easily spot the good ones. They wanted to make sure that any shop who joined was fully commited to:

  • Hiring only the best mechanics and technicians.
  • Providing ongoing training so these mechanics could stay at the top of their game.
  • Providing friendly customer service.
  • Undergoing performance assessments.
  • Sharing knowledge so that if one finds a new way to improve, everyone can.
  • Guaranteeing each others' work.

The result is The Collision Solutions Network. It's been almost 15 years since then and the CSN has grown into the largest network of independently owned and managed auto repair shops in Canada. Every year, CSN serves over 70,000 vehicles across Canada and delivers a consistent 98% satisfaction rate.

We're committed to quality workmanship in all our repairs. The CSN national Lifetime Warranty guarantess it.


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