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  • Deer-crossing-the-road

    What Do You Do If You Hit a Deer?

    The deer population in Ottawa is high - but did you know that there are approximately 3 deer collisions a day in this area? When we found out, we were shocked. So we created this article that tells you what to do if you hit a deer, and how to avoid them in the future.

  • Is Clay Bar Detailing Worth It?

    Chances are you’ve never heard of clay bar detailing. But now that you have, what exactly is it? How does it work? And most importantly: is it worth it?

  • two-girls-driving-safe-car

    Will My Car Pass a Safety Inspection?

    If you’ve bought a new car, or recently moved to this province, you’ve asked yourself this question: will my car pass a safety inspection? Here’s what will get you a fail grade, what won’t, and what we’ll do to help you get your Safety Standard Certificate.

  • What is Hydroplaning, and How Can It Affect My Driving?

    What is hydroplaning? Good question. It’s a dangerous possibility when you’re driving in heavy rain. We’ll tell you how it happens, and how you can prevent it when Ottawa’s rainy season starts.

  • dangerous-intersections-in-Ottawa

    Driving in Ottawa? Watch Out for These Dangerous Intersections

    Accidents in Ottawa are unfortunately a common occurrence, but they’re especially common at these intersections. Learn where to take extra caution when you’re on the road, and how to minimize your risk every time you drive.

  • Reasons your car is pulling to one side

    Why Is My Car Pulling to One Side?

    Is your car pulling to one side? It’s a problem many drivers experience. But did you know that there are multiple causes for this frustrating problem, and just as many solutions?

  • How Long Will It Take to Repair My Car?

    Collisions are scary to be in: they’re also incredibly frustrating after the fact, because you don’t have a car and have no idea how long it will take to fix. We can’t give you an exact number, but we can tell you what impacts your collision repair time.

  • What Happens When Your Car is Hit by Flying Ice?

    Winter driving conditions are rough, but when you add flying ice to the mix? It can be downright dangerous, even deadly. Find out what happens when you’re hit with flying ice, and who pays for it.

  • 6 Things That Should Be Done Before You Ship Your Vehicle Across Canada

    Tons of people ship their cars in Canada every day, but not everyone is prepared the way they should be. Before you ship your car, make sure these 6 things are thoroughly checked.

  • We Tried These Hacks to Prevent Ice on Windows - Here’s What Works (and What Doesn’t)

    If there’s a way to make clearing the ice on your windows easier, we tried it. This article is a report on our findings; what works, what doesn’t, and what you should always have on hand to tackle your winter windshield.

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