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  • toy car with plug

    When Should You Plug in Your Car’s Block Heater?

    This guide explains everything you need to know about when you should plug in your car’s block heater, why, and even the hazards to watch out for.

  • filling gas tank winter

    Do You Need to Keep Your Gas Tank Full in Winter?

    Most people have heard that it’s better to keep you gas tank at least half or ¼ full. Is this true or is this a myth?

  • car with winter tires on snowy road

    Is It Better to Get Winter Tires or All Season Tires?

    When the weather gets colder many people wonder if they really need winter tires, or if all-seasons will work. Here are the pros and cons of each type.

  • man on phone at scene of car accident

    How the Car Insurance Claims Process Works

    If you’ve never been in a car accident, you may not know how the insurance claims process works in Ottawa. This article covers the main steps.

  • car exhaust

    Should You Warm Up Your Car Before Driving?

    For people who want to take good care of their cars, warming it up seems like a good idea. But modern cars don’t actually need this - in fact, it actually causes damage. We show you why with a great video.

  • car with flat tire

    15 Essentials for Your Emergency Car Kit

    Whether you’re just driving around town or driving long distance, you should have these items stored in your emergency car kit. They’re not expensive and could really come in handy - some can even save your life!

  • Towing Hookup

    New Rules to Help Protect You from Towing Scams

    Great news! As of July 1, 2016 there are some new rules to help protect you against predatory towing, storage and repair practices. There is even more help on the way starting January 1, 2017. Learn the highlights of the new regulations here.

  • Consumer Choice Award Ottawa 2016

    We’ve Won the 2016 Consumer Choice Award!

    Wow! We've just been awarded the Consumer Choice Award for best auto body shop in the Ottawa-Gatineau area for 2016! We're grateful for all the customers who voted for us and our amazing team that put in the work to make this happen!

  • summer driving tips

    Our 10 Best Summer Driving Tips

    Winter driving may be slushy, but summer driving has its own challenges too. Whether you're headed out for the road trip of your dreams or just driving around town, you'll enjoy safer driving and protect your car better with our summer driving tips.

  • Car Maintenance Schedule Ottawa Infographic

    INFOGRAPHIC: Car Maintenance Schedule

    Have you ever wondered how often you should have your car looked at, or what needs to be checked and when? What about keeping your car safe from rust, especially on Ottawa's salty winter roads? You don't need to wonder any more because our infographic has all the answers!

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