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Do I Need a New Car?

Do I Need a New Car?

Do I Need a New Car lg

If you’re wondering whether or not you need a new car, the answer is probably yes.

A car is a big purchase, and some people take more time to make this decision than others. Sometimes your car will tell you it’s ready to be retired.

Here are some signs that will let you know it’s time to starting looking for a new vehicle.

1. It’s Constantly Breaking Down, and Costing You a Fortune

Engine repairs are to be expected. But when you’re car is spending more time in a service centre than on the road, it’s time to find a different set of wheels.

The more repairs your car needs, the more it will cost you. While some small repairs are expected in older cards, eventually those repairs are going to get bigger.

We recommend asking yourself: is this set of repairs costing me more than the car is worth?

If the answer is yes, it doesn’t make sense to put that much money into a car that won’t return your investment. It’s time for an upgrade.

2. Your Car’s Interior Is Falling Apart

Your engine could be receiving regular maintenance and running smoothly, but if you have trouble being in your car, that’s a problem.

Interior is extremely important – how long did you spend deliberating over specific features when you got your first car?

When it starts to wear, tear, and submit to the passage of time, it won’t be that noticeable. The longer you have the car, and the more you use it, the more you’ll notice any damage or problems.

Even little things like cracked seats, irremovable stains, or scratches on the console can be disheartening after a while.

Driving is something you should enjoy most of time – if you find yourself dreading it, it’s not worth holding onto this particular car. Find yourself something that you’ll be excited to spend time in.

3. You (and Your Friends) Are Worried About Safety

Some people aren’t worried about their car in terms of looks – they’re worried for their safety.

A car that is constantly breaking down or making suspicious sounds is one that doesn’t project safe and secure. If you get behind the wheel, and you feel nervous about what your car might do, you should take it in for a consultation or stop driving it all together.

When you drive your car all the time, you may not even notice warning signs that it’s unsafe. Other people might. A telltale sign that safety may be a problem is when your friends and family become less and less willing to travel in your car.

If your offers to drive are being consistently overruled, it might be that they don’t feel comfortable being in your car.

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to driving. It doesn’t matter if it’s a classic piece of automotive history, or an old junker you’ve had since college. If you or your loved ones feel unsafe in it, it’s time for a new model.

4. It No Longer Suits Your Lifestyle

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your car. It runs perfectly, the inside is still in great shape, and you always feel safe. But it just doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore.

You might need a new car if:

  • You’re starting a family
  • You’re downsizing
  • You have a longer commute, and need a more economical vehicle
  • You’re finding you need a vehicle with more cargo space to support hobbies or your job

It doesn’t make sense to hold onto a car that isn’t going to do what you need it to.

5. It’s Become a Gas Guzzler

When you’ve spent as much time driving as you have, you know how many kilometres you can drive on a tank of gas. If you commute, you may even know the exact number of trips you can make before you have to fill up.

This makes it doubly frustrating when you realize that you’re having to make detours to a gas station more and more. You know right away that something isn’t quite right.

A car that guzzles gas is increasing your costs, and signaling that there may be some repairs in your future. A new car with better fuel economy could be a better option in the long run.

6. You Want A Different Car

Some people feel like they have to hold onto their cars until they absolutely can’t last any longer. But they spend the last few years of the car’s life wishing they had something shinier, nicer, and more comfortable.

If you’re in a position to be able to get yourself a different car, then by all means do it. It isn’t a crime to want something new!

Car companies are coming out with great new models every year, and someone has to buy them. Why shouldn’t it be you?

Tip: If you aren’t sure what kind of car to buy, car reviews like these are always helpful.

When Should I Get a New Car?

There isn’t a tried and true formula for getting the best deal on a new car. It all depends on what you want, where you’re buying it, and what kind of deals are being offered.

That being said, we do have a few tips that could help you pick the right time to get your new car.

1. Buy at the End of the Day, Week, Month, and Year

A general rule in the car industry is that it’s better to buy at the ‘end’ of a period. Even the end of a day could be a slightly better time to buy than the morning.

September to December are always a good time to buy because dealerships are trying to make room for the incoming models. They have to pay inventory costs for 2017 models that haven’t sold, while bringing in 2018 models.

This means you may be able to get some good deals when it comes to sales terms.

The only downside is that if there are big changes in the incoming models, you may not get them in an older one.

2. Buy During a Slow Sales Month

Vehicle salespeople have quotas to meet, and historically, Canadian winters are a slow time of the year. If you go to someone who is in desperate need of making a sale, you may find that they are more flexible when it comes to making a deal.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to see how the cars handle snow on the road!

3. Look for Deals

Dealerships are almost always promoting a deal that will save you money. For example, employee pricing events are a popular one. Depending on how you want to pay for your car, some deals will be more advantageous than others.

We recommend researching the different kinds of deals that will be offered, and making sure the apply to the model of car you want – most deals will have some exclusions.

We’ll Help You Take Care of Your New Car

Once you do get the keys to your new vehicle, it’s important to make sure it’s taken care of. We offer a variety of car detailing services in Ottawa that will keep it looking like new, both inside and out.