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Complete Auto Body Repairs and Services

Ottawa’s Best Auto Body Repair

Bemac can handle any kind of auto body repair and general auto body care.

Whether you’ve been in a car accident, require corrective repairs, are turning over a vehicle at the end of a lease, or want to customize your car, Bemac is your one-stop destination for all your auto body needs.

Bemac is pre-approved by all Canadian insurance companies, so you’ll get faster turnaround on your repairs. Our repairs are also covered by our National Lifetime Guarantee at over 300 CSN locations across Canada.

Auto Body Services

In need of auto body services?

Certified Collision Brands

Have you been involved in an accident? Click here to learn How Our Collision Repair Process Works.

Our Auto Body Repairs and Services

With over 30 years of industry experience, our auto body team can be trusted with all of your structural and cosmetic vehicle repairs, whether you’re looking for:

Want to customize your car? We can give your ride a style upgrade with new tires, tinted windows, a fresh coat of paint and more.

Low Cost Minor Auto Body Repairs

Want to prevent rust? It’s important to keep after those little scratches to keep rust from taking hold. Some smaller repairs cost less than you think!

  • Buffing – light scratches can disappear
  • Paintless dent repair – if paint is intact, small dents can be removed quickly and cheaply

These cost much less than conventional repairs, and help keep your car looking like new.

Bemac offers excellent care for your car. If you would like an estimate of the costs, just send us a couple of photos and let us know what you need us to do.

We Only Use the Best Products in Our World-Class Auto Body Shop.

PPG Paints: PPG has been creating innovative car paints for over 80 years. Today, PPG paints offer superior rust protection and resistance to build up – and they’re more environmentally friendly too.

Spanesi Electric Measuring System: Our brand new EMS provides our team with unparalleled precision and speed in measuring your vehicle. This highly sophisticated measuring system even calibrates for floor level, ensuring our technicians are working with accurate information. This saves you both time and money on your repairs, ensuring you get your car back faster than you thought possible!

Hunter Win Align: Hunter’s best-in-class wheel alignment system allows us to provide you with unrivaled accuracy in aligning your wheels. Proper wheel alignment helps improve gas mileage, reduces tire wear, improves vehicle handling, and improves the overall safety of operating your vehicle. With so many areas that can affect your bottom line, why settle for anything less than the best?