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Commercial Fleets

Your Company’s Private, On-Call Mechanic.

Your company depends on its fleet to deliver your products, to pick up supplies, and to serve your customers. Your cars, trucks and limousines are an essential cog in the wheel of your operations. We know how important your fleet is to you, which is why we’re proud to offer best-in-class mechanical, auto body and collision service to fleets of two to 100 vehicles. We are direct affiliates with Fleet Management companies such as ARI and Element fleet.

If your business relies on your vehicle fleet, then your fleet needs the care of the experts at Bemac.

We Proudly Offer:

  • Paint and decal services for new fleets
  • Regularly scheduled auto fleet maintenance
  • Timely auto fleet repair and auto body
  • Limousine maintenance and auto body repair
  • Truck service and auto body repair
  • Commercial fleet collision repair and servicing
  • And more!

Don’t wait for an accident or a breakdown. Call Bemac Collision and Service today at 613.728.1908 to arrange a fleet repair and maintenance solution customized for your business.