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  • 10 Best Ways To Make Your Car Last Longer & Reach A High Mileage

    10 Tips To Make A Car Last Longer & Reach A High Mileage

    Your car is a significant investment -- potentially one of the biggest investments you’ll make, besides buying a house. Driving in Ottawa is hard on a vehicle, but these 10 tips can help you make it last.

  • Car’s Air Conditioning ONLY Blowing Hot Air? Here’s Why!

    Car’s Air Conditioning ONLY Blowing Hot Air? Here’s Why!

    Is your car's air conditioner only blasting hot air? There could be a few different reasons ranging from leaking refrigerant to a faulty electrical system. Take a look at our expert answers and solutions.

  • protect car from sun heat

    10 Ways To Protect Your Car From The Sun & Summer Heat

    You know that the winter can be rough on your car, but did you know that the summer sun can be just as bad? Intense heat, direct sunlight, and driving on hot pavement all can take a toll. Protect your car this summer with these helpful tips.

  • 7-signs-its-time-for-a-tune-up

    10 Signs Your Car Needs a Tune Up

    Everyone knows they should get regular maintenance done on their car, but it doesn’t always happen. If you see one or more of the 10 signs that it’s time for a tune up, make sure to listen to them.

  • Why Is My Engine Overheating & What to Do?

    Why Is My Engine Overheating & What to Do?

    Imagine driving down the road, only to see flashing lights and steam pouring out of your engine. It’s the last thing drivers want to see, but many don’t know what causes a car to overheat. We’re here to bust some myths and share some answers.

  • 9 Steps To Spring Cleaning Your Car in 2021

    We’re happily saying goodbye to yucky winter driving and hello to spring! The best way to do that is to spring clean your car - and we have some tips on how to do it.

  • Front of Tesla Vehicle in Ottawa

    6 Benefits of Choosing a Tesla Certified Body Shop

    Tesla owners need to feel confident in the collision repair shop working on their electric vehicle. The best body shop to choose is one that's Tesla-Approved. Learn about the benefits of repairing your EV at a Tesla-Certified body shop.

  • How Often Should Clean and Detail Car

    How Often Should You Wash Your Car (and What Happens if You Don’t)?

    Read about the recommended frequency you should be detailing and cleaning your vehicle. Also, learn about the dangers of not taking care of your car's interior and exterior.

  • Dent In Car Before Selling Ottawa

    Should I Fix The Dent In My Car Before Selling?

    Looking to sell your car but there's a dent? Find out if it makes sense to fix the dent in your vehicle before selling.

  • Car Paint Peeling Ottawa

    Why Is My Car Paint Peeling - and 7 Steps to Prevent It

    Starting to see your car paint peel? There's a reason this is happening. Learn about the reasons why your car paint is peeling and how to prevent it in the future.

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