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Tire Sales and Storage

Your tires are crucial to your safety and comfort on the roads. Without the proper traction, rubber, or size, you could experience hydroplaning and be risking an accident. Bemac offers a complete range of all-season, summer, and winter tires for all types of vehicles.

From budget-friendly economy brands to the best performance driving brands available on the market today, we have them.

Most importantly, we are constantly testing out new tire brands and models ourselves, so we can offer expert advice on what’s worth your money and what will meet your performance needs.

Tires Sale & Storage

Need to buy some new tires, or store them for the season?

Summer Tires – Winter Tires: Installation and Storage

We don’t just sell tires, we install them for you. We also store winter, all-season and summer tires for you at very competitive rates right on site, so they’re ready when you are. You’ll never have to haul them around again!

Don’t wait for the first hot day of summer or for the first snowfall to change your tires – book early to get the appointment date and time you want.

Our Favourite Tire Brands

While we can provide you with any tire you want, our personal favourite brands right now include:

Toyo Tires

If you drive an SUV, we think you’ll love Toyo tires as much as we do. On our personal cars, we find they perform really well in all the real-world conditions we’ve thrown at them, including ice, deep snow, dry patches, and when reacting to mistakes by other drivers on the Queensway. Visit the Toyo website >


If you’re going to opt for an all-season tire, Bridgestones are a great choice, but some of our customers on a tight budget find them a bit expensive. Learn more about what Bridgestone has to offer >

Michelin Tires

For winter tires, it’s hard to beat the reliability of Michelin, and the X-Ice consistently tops “Best Winter Tires” lists from automotive magazines and consumer guides. Learn more about Michelin tire options >

Hankook Tires

For passenger cars, we love Hankook tires right now. Their winter tires, i*Pike and i*Cept Evo2, are optimized for ice, snow or both, depending on the specific model. Visit the Hankook website >

Cooper Weather-Master Tires

We like Weather-Masters for their ability to really bite into deep snow, even on hilly terrain. They’re also very durable overall, if a bit on the noisy side compared to some brands. Learn more and read real customer reviews >

We also provide Ottawa favourites like Continental, Goodyear, and IronMan. Just tell us your price point, your performance, noise, and safety requirements, and we can recommend the right tires for you.

Should I Get Winter Tires or All-Seasons?

Find out the pros and cons in our guide >