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Towing Hotline: 613.728.1908

Our Collision Process

If you’re looking into collision service it’s likely because you’ve been in an accident. You’ve come to the right place.

Bemac’s 24-Point Collision Repair Process is designed to be as efficient as possible (see our infographic below). You want your car back as soon as possible, and in better than pre-accident condition – our process helps deliver both!

We work with collision insurance providers to streamline your claim and get you back behind the wheel of your vehicle as fast as possible.

Insurance Paperwork Done in Record Time

Most people don’t know this, but usually the delay in repairing a car is in getting the go-ahead from insurance compainies. We are approved by all Canadian insurance providers, and we know how to streamline the claim process.

It all starts at the drive-in appraisal centre, where we determine the extent of the damage. Then we inform your insurance provider and ensure everything’s a go. From there, it’s just steps away to the other departments in our world-class facility, where mechanical repairs, body work, painting and finally detailing are done. When your car is returned to you, it will look like the damage never happened. Your car will even be cleaner than when you brought it in.

Our technicians are all fully qualified experts with the experience needed to really do a top-notch job. Most importantly, they love cars, and hate to see a car in less than showroom condition.

Guaranteed Repairs

It’s all backed by our no-hassle warrantyAll collision repairs come with a lifetime warranty*. Because we’re members of CSN, no matter where you go in Canada, your warranty is still valid.

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The Extras That Make The Difference

We know that being without a vehicle is a hassle. Here’s how we make it easier.

  • A customer lounge you won’t want to leave: For quick fixes, you can relax and enjoy refreshments in our customer lounge. Beautifully decorated and furnished with leather chairs and TV, you’ll feel right at home while you wait.
  • Car rental: If things are hectic enough that you really need your own car, or if our courtesy cars are all taken, we provide fast, convenient car rental in-house through Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

OEM Parts and Standards

Depending on your budget, you can have us install OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts or aftermarket parts. Either way, we uphold all OEM standards and abide by all OEM guidelines.

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*Note: Because of Ottawa’s salty winter roads, there is no warranty on rust repairs. Replacement panels are subject to manufacturer’s warranty.

Our 24-Step Collision Repair Process

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Here’s how we ensure your car gets the best possible care:

  1. Estimate prepared.
  2. Estimated completion date given.
  3. Owner signs repair authorization.
  4. Insurance negotiations complete.
  5. Parts ordered if needed.
  6. Parts received.
  7. Vehicle scheduled in for repairs.
  8. Vehicle disassembled and re-inspected.
  9. Supplement report written if necessary.
  10. Supplement approved.
  11. Additional parts ordered if necessary.
  12. Scheduled completion date given.
  13. Structural and body repairs.
  14. Vehicle set up on unibody repair equipment.
  15. New panels prepared and installed.
  16. Priming, sealing and corrosion protection.
  17. All work inspected, initial tests done, ready for paint department.
  18. Ready for paint, confirmed completion date given.
  19. Car is pressure washed and chemically cleaned.
  20. Car is prepped, primed, sanded and sealed.
  21. Car is taped, bagged, masked, blown off, and placed in down draft spray booth oven.
  22. Multi-step refinishing process using acrylic urethane paint system.
  23. Reassembly, wheel alignment, air conditioning, detailing, final inspection and test drive. 
  24. Owner notified of completion with delivery confirmation.

Stay Accident-Free

Once we get you back on the road, we want to help keep you there. Stay safe by practicing proper driving techniquesavoiding distractionslooking out for wildlife, and getting regular checkups. These steps will help keep you accident-free in the future.

Collision F.A.Q.

After you’re in a collision, you’ll have a lot of questions. We have the answers for you. If your question isn’t here, or you want to learn more about our collision servicescontact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

  1. I’ve been in an accident, what should I do?
  2. What should I NOT do?
  3. My car is wrecked, who should I call to tow it?
  4. The tow truck driver asked me where I want my vehicle towed, what should I say?
  5. How long will the repairs take?
  6. How do I get to work while my car is being repaired?

1. I’ve been in an accident, what should I do?

First off, we’re sorry this happened to you; we hope that no one was hurt and that you’re OK. Collisions can be traumatic experiences for everyone involved. If you’re reading this at the scene of an accident, the following steps will help protect you and your loved ones both immediately and in the long run:

  1. Make sure your car is stopped and that the ignition is off.
  2. Call 911 if someone was injured. If not, use the Ottawa Police “other emergencies” number: 613-230-6211.
  3. Exchange information with the other driver(s). Make sure you get their name, address, phone number and insurance information from their insurance registration card or driver’s license.
  4. Take photos of the scene of the accident—use a cellphone, smartphone, or tablet if you have one available. Make sure to save the pictures in case you need them in the future.
  5. File an official accident report within 48 hours. This is the law.
  6. Let your insurance company know immediately.
  7. Many insurance companies offer services to help you get through this.

2. What should I NOT do?

  1. Do NOT move anyone who is injured, unless you must move them to save their life.
  2. Do NOT discuss the collision—fault, responsibility, circumstances, etc.—with the other driver(s).
  3. Do NOT drive an unsafe vehicle away from the scene. You can call us at 613-728-1908 to have your vehicle towed to our safe and secure collision centre.
  4. Do NOT sign anything that you have not read or don’t understand. Whatever it is, it can wait until you and your family are safe and you have time to look at it more closely.
  5. Do NOT have your car towed to an impound lot. Between towing and impound fees, this will cost you far too much money in the long run.

3. My car is wrecked, who should I call to tow it?

Any reputable towing company. As a locally owned and operated business, Bemac is proud of the relationships we’ve built across the city. We work with all towing companies in Ottawa and make it easy for them and for you to get your vehicle on our secure lot. You can call our 24-Hour Towing Hotline at 613-728-1908 to have your tow arranged. You can learn more about our towning service here.

Note: some tow truck drivers can be pushy and aggressive, and try to get you to commit to services you’re not sure about while you’re still in shock from the accident. Be aware of your Towing Bill of Rights.

4. The tow truck driver asked me where I want my vehicle towed, what should I say?

“Bring it to Bemac!” Many drivers will offer to take your car to their impound lot. Do NOT do this. By bringing your vehicle to our collision centre, you will save yourself money on additional towing and impound fees.

5. How long will the repairs take?

Every situation is different; it could take an afternoon or it could take a week. With seven acres of space, multiple service hoists and paint bays, Bemac Collision and Service will get you your car back fast. But we pride ourselves on doing the job right.

We have a very thorough collision repair process that we follow to the letter. Your vehicle will be returned to you detailed, aligned, inspected and test driven. From initial estimate to advanced notification of when the repairs will be complete, Bemac delivers you an exceptional customer experience.

6. How do I get to work while my car is being repaired?

Bemac offers many services to our customers to help them get around without their vehicle. From a free shuttle service to a range of car rental options, we take care of everything so you can get to work, take your kids to school, and go about your day-to-day despite the hassle of being without a vehicle.

Our Ottawa Collision Team

A business is only as good as its people. Bemac is delighted to offer you the services of the best collision repair team in Ottawa.

These are not empty words. As one of the largest facilities in Eastern Ontario we’re able to attract and retain the best. We only hire dedicated, experienced mechanics and technicians who can prove they’re great at what they do. Some of our team members, like Dominic and Stéphane, have over 25 years of expertise. Our mechanics and body shop technicians have the appropriate licensing and certifications – often much more.

With our team you get:

  • Best-in-class training and certifications, including ongoing training with i-Car, Canada’s leading collision repair training program. Automotive technology keeps changing, so we keep learning so we can offer the best possible care for your car.
  • State-of-the-art tools and equipment to help restore your car to perfect shape.
  • The ability to offer a range of value-added collision services, including: insurance repairs, non-insurance repair and no-hassle warranties.

Visit our central collision centre and see our world-class technicians in action for yourself.

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Facility + Equipment

Centrally located on Laperriere Street, our world-class seven-acre facility is a sight to be seen.

Our Facilities Include:

  • Three drive-in appraisal bays
  • A combined total of more than 40 detailing, wash, paint, auto body, and mechanical stations
  • Oversized stations for trucks, RVs and boats
  • A paint booth custom designed to accommodate hybrid vehicle paint and auto body repairs
  • A safe and secure, video monitored lot to store your car overnight
  • Onsite paintless dent repair available


Bemac uses OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts or aftermarket parts, depending on what you request. Your budget and sometimes your car repair timelines may play roles in your decision. Any aftermarket parts we use are chosen to meet or exceed all OEM standards and guidelines.