Auto Products

Aftermarket Auto Products That Make a Difference!

From rain repellent auto-glass treatments to floor liners for your car, van or truck, our auto add-ons help improve visibility during heavy rain and protect your vehicle’s floor boards from road salt, dirt, dust and other particles.

We are proud to offer the following additional auto products:



Long-lasting Aquapel Glass Treatment improves visibility, causes rain to bead on windshields and roll off, makes it easier to clear ice, dirt and bugs from your windshield and reduces glare (especially at night).



WeatherTech auto products are designed to help protect your car’s interior from everyday use. From floor mats to pet barriers, these custom-fitted vehicle protection solutions will help keep your vehicle’s floors and seats protected. Manufactured in North America, these products are built to the highest auto industry standards and we’re proud to offer them to our Ottawa customers.

Mister Cartoon Sanctiond Car Care

This collection of products includes waxes, polishes, sprays, and tire shines. Created by Mister Cartoon, these products were designed for people who love the way their cars look, and want to keep them at their best all year round.

Cartoon-sanctioned parts and products


Our Replacement Parts.

Whether it’s sheet metal, bumpers or headlights, replacement parts help you get your vehicle back faster, while saving you money. In keeping with our commitment to offering the best products and services, we only use CAPA certified replacement parts.


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