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Car Detailing, Wash and Vacuum

From coffee spills and trips with your pets to kids with crayons, there are many reasons to have your car professionally detailed. Maybe you’re headed out for a special evening, wanting to do a little spring cleaning, or just don’t have time to get the look you want yourself.

Our dedicated auto detailing services guarantee that your car will look its very best. In fact, every car that comes through Bemac’s doors is cleaned on the way in, and washed and detailed on the way out. This process ensures that you have a clean car and that our mechanics, painters and auto body professionals can properly assess imperfections and damage.

Auto detailing services (wash, interior and exterior detailing) are FREE with every mechanical, auto body, collision or paint job! But you can also bring any car in for some TLC including a wash, shine, detailing and more (see our list of TLC detailing services below).

Car Detailing

Looking to get your car professionally detailed? The experts at Bemac are ready and trained to detail any car.

Car Detailing Gift Certificates Available

We can provide gift certificates in almost any amount. Makes a great gift for the holidays, birthdays, and more. Perfect for car enthusiasts or anyone who wants their car to look its best and last longer.

Our Complete Car Detailing Services

You can start with the exterior car detailing and wash and add on any other services from our list below as well.

We prefer the Meguiars waxes and other car care products for their incredible shine and durability. We love them so much you can even buy them in our showroom.

  1. Exterior Wash. This is a thorough but gentle wash of the entire exterior of the car.
  2. Interior and Exterior Auto Detailing Service. Includes an interior vacuum, interior wipe down, and tire shine.
  3. Clay Bar Treatment. Nothing beats a clay bar application to remove any particles that even the most thorough wash leaves behind. Brake dust, metal particles, and even the finest dirt sticks to the clay resin and is removed without scratching. You can learn more about how detailing clay works here >
  4. Wax and Buff. This includes a Sanctiond wax application by hand and machine buff. Sweet shine! We also do the tire shine as part of this treatment.
  5. Rims. We use a non-acid acid remover to protect against brake debris.
  6. Windshield Aquapel Treatment. Once the Aquapel protective treatment is applied, you almost don’t need windshield wipers – water just beads up and rolls off. Snow and even bugs are easier to clean off of the windshield. Driving in bad weather is safer, too. This treatment lasts for months.
  7. XPEL Paint Protection Film. XPEL is a clear film that protects your car’s headlights and the paint on the hood, front bumper, and mirrors. It is self healing from scratches, and will keep your car protected against stone chips, scratches, and other damage that can not only dull your paint but lead to rust as well.
  8. Interior Shampoo. If your car has salty floors after a long winter or a coffee spill on the seats, a good shampooing treatment will make your fabrics look as good as new.
  9. Deodorizing Treatment. For lingering odours like spoiled milk, vomit or diaper explosion (don’t you just love kids), you may need to get serious. We will seal your car, open all the interior compartments, and use a natural ozone or chlorine treatment to completely remove any traces of the odour in question. Definitely handles cigarette smells as well.
  10. Interior Leather Conditioning. If you want to keep your leather seats and trim looking like new, a leather conditioning treatment will work like magic.

We’ll have your car looking like new!

Why Get Your Car Detailed?

Of course a freshly-detailed car looks good, but professional detailing is about more than just looking fantastic.

  1. Detailing Protects Your Paint and Helps Prevent Rust. Driving, especially highway driving, can be hard on your car’s paint. Insects, tiny stones, or anything that touches your car’s paint can make an impact that leaves a scratch that can lead to rust. A good quality polish will create an extra barrier between your car and the elements. Ask about our protective sealants that will preserve your car even more.
  2. Detailing Creates a Better Car Interior Environment. If you spend a lot of time in your car, you want it to be a welcoming place that smells good and is free of cracks and dirt. Regular detailing turns commuting time into quality time. Can you imagine living in a house that you never cleaned?
  3. Detailing Improves Resale Value. A well-protected, good looking car will bring in more money if you ever decide to sell it.
  4. Detailing Increases the Lifespan of Your Tires. Your tires pick up oil and chemicals from the road, and also accumulate brake dust. By getting these cleaned off regularly, you help prevent sidewall cracking and even help prevent corrosion on the wheels themselves.
  5. Detailing Makes Your Car Safer. In order to be safer on the road at night or in bad weather, you need to be seen. And in order to be seen your headlights and taillights need to be as clean as possible.

Good auto body upkeep pays off in the long run!

Car Detailing vs. Car Wash

Car detailing and car wash are two different services that cater to the maintenance and cleanliness of your vehicle.

While both aim to enhance the appearance of your car, there are distinct differences between the two automotive services.

Car Detailing:

Car detailing is a comprehensive and meticulous process that involves cleaning and restoring both the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Detailing goes beyond the standard car wash, focusing on removing dirt, stains, and imperfections from every nook and cranny. It includes services like waxing, polishing, interior vacuuming, steam cleaning, and conditioning of surfaces.

Car detailing provides a thorough and long-lasting result, leaving your vehicle looking almost brand new.

Car Wash:

Car wash, on the other hand, is a quicker and less detailed process primarily focused on cleaning the exterior of the car. It usually involves a machine or hand wash, where the car’s surface is washed, rinsed, and sometimes dried.

While a car wash is effective in removing surface dirt, it may not address more stubborn stains or provide the same level of shine and protection as car detailing.

When’s the Best Time to Get Car Detailing Services?

The best time to get your car detailed depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Generally, it is recommended to auto detailing at least twice a year to maintain its appearance and protect its surfaces from wear and tear.

Spring and Fall: These seasons are ideal for full car detailing in Ottawa. After the harsh winter, a spring detail will help with salt stain removal, plus road grime and winter debris, protecting your car’s paint and undercarriage. In the fall, auto detailing will help prep your car for winter, ensuring it’s clean and protected before the colder months.

Before Special Events: If you have a special event or occasion coming up, such as a wedding or important gathering, getting your car detailed beforehand can leave a lasting impression. Plus, if you’re carrying passengers you’re keen to impress, getting a thorough interior cleaning will save you from potential embarrassment!

After Long Trips: After long road trips or vacations, your car might benefit from a deep cleaning and thorough detailing to remove accumulated dirt and maintain its condition. Getting both the interior and exterior of your car cleaned will keep your vehicle in prime condition for the next big road trip.

Regular Maintenance: Consistent detailing every few months can help preserve your car’s appearance, extend its lifespan, and retain its value. Get your car’s interior cleaned with pet hair removal, and a thorough cleaning of the outside (including salt removal and headlight restoration) will help maintain the exterior and help with paint decontamination.