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Paint Protection Film Ottawa

Bemac offers paint protection film (PPF) installation to Ottawa drivers! Installing PPF protects your vehicle from chips, scratches and any other impurities a car carries.

When you invested in your vehicle, the last thing you wanted to deal with as part of your maintenance is stone chips and other forms of damage like scratches in your car’s paint. Damage like that can affect the resale value of your mobile car and is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. We have the paint protection film Ottawa needs when bumper-to-bumper traffic is taking its toll on your vehicle’s exterior.

For over 60 years, Bemac Collision and Service have supported Ottawa drivers by offering the best quality craftsmanship and award-winning customer experience every time. Locally owned and operated, we are proud to be a part of this community.

Paint Protection Film Installation

Looking to get paint protection film installed on your car?

Xpel Paint Protection Film

The XPEL protection film is a durable self-adhesive polyurethane film that covers your car paint and other surfaces to give ultimate protection from the damage of dust, scratches, and road debris. It resists staining, retains gloss, and protects from UV rays.

With professional application, it is virtually invisible and won’t damage any painted surfaces if you choose to remove them. It will keep your car protected from bumper to fender from the rust that comes from dents and rock chips. The paint protection film is important from the mistakes and “oopsies” that can happen anywhere from parking lots to rural roads, but you need the efficient paint protection film before it’s too late.

Car owners used to protect the front end of their cars with material such as leather. Known as “Clear bra”, the PPF can be applied to the front end of the car, protecting the headlights, front bumper, rear bumper, front fenders, and even the grille – it is the most common installation. Learn about which is the best paint protection film – XPEL or 3M?

How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

Paint protection film (PPF) is a second skin that covers everything including the back of side mirrors, hood, roof, and essentially every painted surface. The best auto detailer can install this paint protection to cover any colour with a glossy sheet of protection. The Ottawa area has all kinds of issues that can lead to scratches on your car and faded paint from the UV rays. Especially high-end luxury cars are good to protect in this way. It’s much more effective than the clear coats that tend to peel and crack from the sun damage.

The PPF is made of an elastomeric polymer, which helps it keep the natural shape of the car, and has self-healing properties when light scratches happen on the car. It’s why we suggest it as the best way to protect your vehicle. There are different grades, thicknesses, and finishes and can be tinted as well- all at different prices.

If you’re looking to change the look of your car, however, a vinyl wrap might be better suited to your goal. Learn more about paint protection film vs. vinyl wrap to help you decide.

Let Bemac Protect your Vehicle with PPF!

We are the experts not only in collision repair, auto repair and exceptional customer service but in detailing many luxury cars in the Ottawa area. We insist on perfection and deliver nothing less. Get the protection you need from your headlights to your tailpipe with the best paint protection film Ottawa has to offer.

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last On My Car?

Paint protection film can last for about 10 years when installed properly.

As with most things, it will depend on a few things- most importantly the installation by a professional. The PPF is there to protect you from UV rays, corrosion, stone chips and other wear and tear. The more steps you take from protecting your car, the longer it will last. Some choose to add a ceramic coating on top of the PPF. This forms an especially strong layer of protection on top of the film that has been applied and helps repel water even more.

Luxury car with paint protection film