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Free disinfectant “FOG” with each appraisal.

Is there damage to your car that you need to have looked at? Worried about dropping your car somewhere for a bunch of unknown people to climb all over? Fear not! For BEMAC is here to ease your concerns with a free disinfectant FOG treatment for every customer that books an appraisal.

What is a Fog treatment?

We use a commercially available disinfectant (made for this purpose) to gently fill your car with a mixture of disinfectant and water vapour. This disinfectant vapour will get into all the nooks and crevices where wiping can’t reach.

It’s fast – a 5-minute fog when you bring the car to us for appraisal and a 5-minute fog when we are done minimizes any chance of exposure to viruses or bacteria. Plus it smells great, giving your disinfected car a fresh and clean smell.

Booking your appraisal today using our online scheduling system means an easy and convenient interaction from start to finish.

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