Collision Solutions Network

CSN Collision Solutions Network logoAt Bemac, we stand behind our work, and we don’t stand alone.

We’re part of the Collision Solutions Network (CSN), a coalition of over 300 auto body repair shops across Canada. The CSN certification means that our customers can expect high quality repairs that are backed by an unbeatable warranty.

Canada-Wide Lifetime Coverage

Being a part of the CSN gives our customers access to the CSN’s National Lifetime Warranty, which means that when you get your car repaired at Bemac, your repair is guaranteed across the country.

Moving? No problem. If something goes wrong with the repair, you’ll only need to stop at one of the local CSN-certified auto body repair shops and you’ll be taken care of.

Additionally, all Bemac’s repairs are covered for the lifetime of your vehicle. That’s right, as long as you own your car, you’ll get our Canada-wide coverage.

The CSN Guarantee

The CSN doesn’t let just anyone in its network. All CSN-certified facilities are required to pass exacting standards before they can hang its logo in their window. That’s probably why CSN-certified repair shops proudly proclaim a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

You can expect the same quality of service in any of the over 300 repair shops located across Canada. Every CSN location adheres to the following standards:

  • High quality staff
  • Assistance with insurance claims
  • Clean, modern facilities
  • Great customer service
  • Cutting-edge knowledge, shared between all CSN members
  • 3rd-party monitored service
  • 24-hour towing
  • Ongoing training

You’ll find all of that at Bemac, and more. Our 24 Point Collision Repair Process is vetted by the CSN to ensure exceptional quality. Our world-class facility is designed to offer the best in modern car repair.

Canada’s Biggest Repair Network

The CSN started out small, but has grown enormously in the 15+ years it has been in operation. It started in 2002 as a group of like-minded Toronto repair shops. They wanted to create a way to help customers tell the good repair shops from the bad.

Now, the CSN has grown to include over 300 locations across the country, making it the largest network of independently owned and managed auto repair shops in Canada. Every year, 70,000+ vehicles pass through CSN facilities. And every one of them is backed by the National Lifetime Warranty.

Car Service You Can Trust

Whether you’ve just had an accident, or your car needs a tune up, trust Bemac for your auto repair. The CSN sign in our window certifies that you’ll get the best service possible, all guaranteed with the National Lifetime Warranty.


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