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Best Paint Film Protection: 3M vs. Xpel PPF

Best Paint Film Protection: 3M vs. Xpel PPF

Best Paint Film Protection: 3M vs. Xpel PPF

If you’ve settled on using paint protection film (PPF) vs. vinyl wrap to preserve your vehicle’s paint job, one of the first decisions you must make is choosing what brand of film to use.

But which brand of PPF should you install on your car? Two of the most popular choices are Xpel Paint Protection Film and 3M’s protection film. Both companies produce PPF (aka a “clear bra”) that protects your car from the elements and maintains your car’s appearance, but there are some key differences to be aware of.

Read on to discover more about these two leading brands. Armed with this information, you’ll be well prepared to protect your Ottawa vehicle with a quality paint protection film that checks all your boxes.

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About Xpel Paint Protection Films

Known for its product development and innovation, Xpel is recognized as an industry leader in the paint protection film industry. The company specializes in films for automobiles and offers a variety of products that can be used to protect high-impact areas of your vehicle or provide full coverage. 

Ottawa residents that opt for PPF have the choice of either a high gloss or matte finish Xpel product.

Xpel Ultimate Plus™️ Paint Protection Film

Xpel’s Ultimate Plus is a virtually invisible urethane film with a high gloss finish. It contains a remarkable heat-activated “self-healing” topcoat, something all competitors attempt to replicate. It’s a great choice as it offers unparalleled protection from everyday damages like scuffs, road debris, bug residue and other unsightly blemishes.

Xpel Stealth™️ Paint Protection Film

Xpel’s Stealth film is specifically designed to emulate most factory matte paints. It protects matte, frozen, frosted and satin surfaces or can be used over your car’s glossy paint if you want to switch things up and create a new look entirely.

About 3M Paint Protection Films

3M is an established and trusted brand that produces a variety of products, including the 3M paint protection film. It’s been in the PPF business longer than any other player in the industry and is endorsed by many organizations, including NASCAR.

The company offers a low-cost “Surface Protection Film” meant for shorter-term use. It’s a rugged, clear polyurethane film that provides protection from the elements but does not feature a clear top coat. The standard “3M PPF” and Scotchgard paint protection film lines more closely align with Xpel’s offerings.

3M Scotchgard™️ Pro Paint Protection Film

3M’s Scotchgard Pro provides excellent weather, scratch and stain resistance, plus has a built-in self-healing film that helps minor scratches disappear. A matte version is also available.

Best Paint Film Protection: 3M vs. Xpel PPF

Benefits of Xpel PFF

Xpel paint protection film keeps your car’s paint looking as good as the day you bought it, which will help to retain resale value.

Protection: Xpel’s self-adhesive polyurethane films safeguard your car from scratches, chips, mineral deposits, rust and more. With advanced heat-activated self-healing properties, any abrasions or stains quickly disappear. 

Finish: Xpel PPFs beautifully enhance both glossy and matte paint finishes. A non-yellowing formulation ensures the film maintains clarity.

Durability: Highly durable, the clearcoat layer on Xpel PPFs is resistant to impact and contaminants and is hydrophobic. In addition, specialized “edge seal technology” ensures Xpel films stay in place, so there is no risk of lifting.

Warranty: Xpel PPFs come with a full 10-year warranty that covers issues like yellowing, staining, delamination, cracking, peeling and bubbling. This long-term warranty is a testament to the confidence Xpel has in its product line.

Benefits of 3M PPF

Using 3M paint protection film will preserve the quality of your vehicle’s original or custom paint job.

Protection: 3M films are designed to withstand harsh elements, such as gravel, salt and bugs, as well as sun exposure. The premium Scotchgard Pro offering has self-healing properties similar to the technology that Xpel originally developed.

Finish: 3M PPFs won’t alter the factory finish in any way. Their films are fully transparent and designed to protect and enhance your vehicle’s appearance.

Durability: 3M PPFs are durable and highly reliable. And, since developing the first-ever paint protection film, their product line has evolved. For example, the company recently introduced a new formula for its Scotchgard Pro series that resists yellowing and cracking better than previous versions. 

Warranty: Depending on your chosen product, 3M PPF warranties range from 7 to 10 years and cover defects like yellowing, bubbling, or cracking.

Bemac Professionally Installs Protection Paint Film in Ottawa

So, is paint protection film worth it? Here at Bemac, our pros are available to offer advice about the best paint protection film to use and answer any other questions you may have (e.g., is PPF better than applying a ceramic coating?).

We detail countless cars and have found that one thing is clear: proper installation is crucial. Poor installation can result in misalignment, razor marks, stretching or bubbles. That won’t happen at Bemac; you can trust us to provide you with skilled car paint protection services that will exceed your expectations.

For professional installation of PPF in the Ottawa area, turn to Bemac; we’ll help you identify and install the ultimate paint protection film for your car.

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