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Bemac Hires Skilled Syrian Refugee as Auto Body Mechanic

Bemac Hires Skilled Syrian Refugee as Auto Body Mechanic

Syrian Refugee auto body mechanic

Bemac Auto Body is proud to announce that we’ve hired Nabil Al-Dabei, a Syrian refugee, as a full time mechanic.

Nabil turned out to be so skilled and so enthusiastic, that we’ve hired him on full time. We’re helping him work on his English, but when it comes to cars he has proven an excellent craftsman.

Fully Skilled Refugee is Dream Employee

“Nabil does great work on cars,” says Danny Frangione of Bemac. “We feel lucky to have him on the team. We’re also proud to help a new Canadian find work that allows him to pursue his passion.”

Nabil and his family fled Syria about a year ago, braving the trials of escaping the war in his home country and working through the immigration process. His family was sponsored by St. Basil’s parish here in Ottawa.

While now safe from the war in Syria, like all refugees he was facing the new challenge of finding work in a country where he had no employment history and didn’t know the language. A member of St. Basil’s reached out to Bemac to see if there were any openings, and we decided to give him a try for one day a week.

Once we saw him work, we were impressed. He has great dedication to his craft, and has been working hard on his English. We soon realized we’d be crazy not to hire him.

Sometimes, All Someone Needs is a Chance to Prove Themselves

Emergency financial support is now running out for Syrian refugees, and they face the tough job market, often with the added burden of trying to learn English. Bemac would like to encourage other businesses to give Syrian workers a chance – you may just find one of your best employees like we did!

You can watch the CTV spotlight on Nabil at the 6:20 mark in this video. You can also read the transcript on CTV’s website.