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What Causes Small Dents In Cars And Is It Worth Fixing?

What Causes Small Dents In Cars And Is It Worth Fixing?

What Causes Small Dents In Cars And Is It Worth Fixing?

There are six common causes for small dents in cars—accidents, parking lot mishaps, fallen branches, ice, and our ubiquitous Ottawa potholes. Is it worth it to invest in small dent repair? Yes indeed. Fast dent repair by a certified auto body shop is the best way for car owners to prevent a minor issue from morphing into an enormous, expensive problem. If you’re looking for a more inexpensive option, paintless dent repair is the way to go!

6 Causes For Small Car Dents

Car Accidents

Of course, you’ll take your car into a body shop for inspection and repair after a serious accident. But even a small mishap can leave your car pockmarked with minor dents, which you might not notice at the time.

Car Doors

Parking lots at supermarkets and shopping malls are bad news. You’re at the mercy of fellow car owners, who are often tired and rushed, or just plain don’t care about others. They may not even be aware when they dent your auto body with their car door as they get in or out of their vehicles.

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts are another parking lot hazard. An overloaded or unattended cart can careen out of control straight into the side of your car. To avoid this, park in the quietest corner of the lot, well away from other cars and shopping cart caddies. Even if it means you’ll have an extra hike to the store, you’ll be protecting your vehicle against dents and dings.

Fallen Tree Branches

A tree branch that’s brought down by a storm or severe wind can do a lot of damage — dents, scrapes, and worse. Try to avoid parking under a tree whenever possible. Make sure any trees near your driveway are healthy and well pruned.

Flying Ice

Canadian winters mean snow, sub-freezing temperatures, and the occasional small chunk of ice that comes flying straight at your car. The result? You got it, a brand new little dent in the metal. Ice and hail can really damage your car – showing many small dents in the auto body.


Besides the Parliament Buildings and the Rideau Canal, Ottawa is famous for the potholes that “decorate” our streets every spring. When you’re faced with a pothole, drive around or go through it very carefully. Otherwise, your tire rims can end up dented.

Why Should You Repair Small Dents?

Rust Can Occur

Dents in your car’s exterior may allow water to seep under the clear coat and paint. When moisture comes in contact with the metal below, rust is the eventual result. Dent removal will prevent this.

Paint Damage

Dents may also result in paint damage. While it might not look too bad at first, exposure to harsh weather, car washes, and general wear and tear will cause the paint to deteriorate by cracking, flaking, and peeling. If you don’t fix a dent quickly, you might end up needing a complete paint job or wrap.

Decrease Car’s Value

Unless they’re fixed properly, dents make your car look bad when you’re trying to sell. They also give the impression that you are a neglectful auto owner. As a result, potential buyers will be turned off in a big way or, at the very least, will offer less cash than you were hoping for.

Can Affect The Car’s Safety

Is your car trunk not closing? A few small exterior car dents might not worry you too much. However, they might signal damage to your vehicle’s structure, such as the side panel. This is often not apparent at first glance yet may cause dangerous instability when you get behind the wheel.

Play it safe — have your vehicle checked at a reliable auto body shop to assess its condition accurately.

Repair Small Dents Right Away

Take care of your vehicle, and fix a small dent before it gets worse—bring your car to Bemac, the auto body experts, with body shops all over the Ottawa/Gatineau area. We’ll take care of dent repair, paint, and any underlying structural damage to get your vehicle back on the road — fast and safely. That’s what we did for Bruce W, who wrote us the following 5-star Google review:

They did a great job fixing a small dent in my suburban. They cleaned it inside and out afterwards and got it back to me a day early. Awesome.