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Do I Need To Fix A Chipped Windshield In My Car?

Do I Need To Fix A Chipped Windshield In My Car?

do i need to fix a chipped windshield

Did you notice a small crack, chip or scratch in your windshield? Are you wondering whether to get this common windshield problem repaired? Yes, you DO need to fix your chipped windshield… and the sooner, the better. Otherwise, that little window chip could spread into severe cracking, which will require costly windshield replacement of the entire windshield.

Find out precisely what you must do about a chipped windshield so that you can get your car back on the road quickly and safely.

What To Do When Windshields Get Chipped?

When your windshield gets chipped, don’t delay. Instead, take your car in for expert windshield repair ASAP. If you have the problem taken care of straight away, you’ll be looking at a simple and affordable fix.

Here’s what your auto glass repair specialist will do:

1. Inspect. A professional inspection will assess the type and extent of damage and check the amount of embedded debris.

2. Clean. The chipped area has to be cleaned of any moisture and tiny glass fragments, and other debris. This step helps make sure that the chip repair won’t interfere with driver visibility.

3. Seal. Next, the technician will use a special resin to seal the chipped area, applying UV light to harden it.

The beauty of this procedure is that the resin dries transparently, so it blends in smoothly with the original glass. In addition, the process takes only about half an hour (plus 60 minutes of drying time) and is usually covered by insurance.

How Do Windshield Chips Happen?

Rocks. The Number 1 cause of windshield chips are rocks and pebbles, and they’re a hazard that’s hard to avoid. Driving at high speed over rough surfaces or freshly gravelled roads, for instance, can send a small rock flying — right at your windshield. Or a piece of gravel might come at you from the back of a dump truck. Either scenario spells trouble for your windshield glass.

Ice. Ottawa’s streets are often littered with chunks of ice in winter, which can turn into frozen missiles heading towards your vehicle.

Windshield Wipers. Don’t let your windshield wiper blades wear down to the bare metal. Otherwise, each pass of the wipers will put your windshield in danger of scratches or chips. If this happens, have the windshield crack or chip repaired AND get new wiper blades. (RECOMMENDED: Replace windshield wiper blades every 6-12 months for best performance.)

How To Avoid A Windshield Chip & Crack?

  • Take an alternate route. Avoid driving on rocky roads or newly graded gravel.
  • Keep your distance. Stay well behind other vehicles, especially road work trucks. This goes double in wintry weather.
  • Apply “chip first aid.” If you do get a small chip, cover with clear packing tape to keep it clean and dry until you can get to your local auto body shop.

Cons Of Windshield Repair Kits

Resist the temptation to order one of those do-it-yourself windshield repair kits that you see on the internet. They might save you a little cash in the short term, but they come with all kinds of pitfalls.

DIY May Void Warranty

DIY fixes can void the warranty on your car — unlike professional auto repair.

Mistakes Can Be Made

It’s easy to make a mistake when you don’t know what you’re doing (and have never worked on a windshield before). Unfortunately, with this type of repair, the slightest error is irreversible and can ruin your windshield. When you end up replacing vs repairing a windshield, your attempt at money-saving suddenly becomes very expensive.

Chip Is Too Big

DIY filling might work in some cases — but only for small-size chips. Larger chips and cracks require an experienced technician and advanced tools.

Car Insurance Coverage

Here’s the most obvious reason to avoid DIY. Many car insurance policies will cover windshield repair — without a deductible or a premium increase! (TIP: Bemac’s repair work is covered by all Canadian auto insurers.) So why not get it done professionally?

Bemac Windshield Auto Glass Repair Exceeds Expectations

Come to Bemac for fast, efficient chip auto glass repair or windshield replacement. Our skilled windshield glass technicians do the kind of top-tier work that will exceed your expectations.

Read how Alex Z described his amazing experience with Bemac’s windshield replacement and repair service:

“Extremely professional, fast and great to communicate with. I had a cracked windshield and could not drive far. They had the materials ready the next day and my car was fixed that afternoon. It was returned to me spotless and shiny, in the middle of winter. This exceeded expectations. My first thought was that my car looked like it did when I drove it off the lot. Really impressed. Will return and recommend.”