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INFOGRAPHIC: Car Maintenance Schedule

INFOGRAPHIC: Car Maintenance Schedule

Wondering if maintenance is important, or confused by when to have things checked? Not sure how Ottawa’s winters affect things? Bemac’s maintenance experts have the answers.

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Car Maintenance Schedule Infographic Transcript

As gas gets cheaper, Canadians are buying more cars than ever: in January 2016 we bought 110,889, up 9.2% from January 2015.

But do we know how to make them last in spite of potholes and salty winter roads? Yes! Over half of all cars on the road are 5 years old or older. The majority (52%) of vehicles are five years or older, with 23% over 10 years old.

How do we do it? Maintenance! Canadians service their cars up to 4 times a year.

Maintenance Schedule for Cars in Ottawa

This schedule is a rough guide. Always CHECK YOUR MANUAL and follow the instructions. Your schedule may also vary depending on how much or how little you drive.

When You Buy Your Car

  1. Optional: have your car’s body coated in plastic film to protect against scratches. If you do this you’ll want to replace the coating every 2 – 3 years.
  2. Krown rust proofing treatment.


Every Month

  1. Check your tire pressure and adjust if necessary.
  2. Top up washer fluid.
  3. Inspect belts and hoses and replace if needed.
  4. Inspect body of car for dents and scratches. Fill with clear nail polish until you can bring it to Bemac.
  5. Wash your car.
  6. Ensure all your lights and blinkers are working.

Every Spring

Every Fall

Get your winter tires put on. It’s not the law yet, but you’ll be much safer. Check tread depth of tires.
Have your battery tested. Cold weather drains them faster if you’re not driving enough.

Over The Long Haul

Every 5,000 Kilometers

  1. Change your oil if it’s not synthetic.

Every 15,000 Kilometers

  1. Check your engine’s air filter, as Ottawa is a high pollen and dust city.
  2. Rotate your tires.
  3. Replace wiper blades.

Every 20,000 Kilometers

  1. Service your brakes.
  2. 4-wheel alignment.

Every 50,000 Kilometers

  1. Inspect spark plugs and replace if needed. If they don’t need replacing now, inspect every 5,000 kilometers. If they fail they can cause thousands of dollars in damage!
  2. Check ignition system.
  3. Replace your fuel filter.

Every 100,000 Kilometers

  1. Change your coolant.
  2. Replace transmission fluid.

By following a good maintenance schedule, you should be able to enjoy many years of smooth driving!

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