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Our Favourite Tires in Ottawa for This Winter

Our Favourite Tires in Ottawa for This Winter

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It’s the time of year to start looking for winter tires. In the spirit of the upcoming Ottawa winter, we asked Danny Frangione about what tires he’s loving this year. As the owner of an auto shop that carries tires, he and the Bemac team are constantly testing out new models and brands, giving them the best insight into the best tires.

Note: all tire prices are approximate, and based on the most common standardized tire size. Please speak with a professional about appropriate sizing and pricing.

We’ve also shown some consumer reviews from – they should not be used as the sole factor for choosing new tires.

Toyo GSI5

Right now, the Toyo GSI5 is Danny’s absolute favourite.“I can’t even explain how great it is,” Danny says. “It’s just an awesome tire.”

“It’s the tread that’s most impressive. It makes these amazing tires for snow and ice, because they really grip the road.”

1010 Tires Ratings (out of 5)Toyo logo

  • Dry conditions – 4.4
  • Wet conditions – 4.2
  • Snow conditions – 4.5toyo tires
  • Handling – 4.3
  • Comfort – 4.5
  • Noise – 4.1
  • Treadwear – 4.3

Price per tire: $175

“The Hankooks are a very nice tire. I don’t have one bad thing to say about them,” Danny says.

“The tread on these tires is a little different, but works well in winter conditions.”

1010 Tires Ratings (out of 5)hankook logo

  • Dry conditions – 4.0
  • Wet conditions – 3.4
  • Snow conditions – 4.4
  • Hankook tiresComfort – 4.4
  • Handling – 3.8
  • Noise – 4.4
  • Treadwear – 4.0

Price per tire: $158

West Lake

This is a tire Danny’s heard good things about. “I’ve seen it in use and it’s an awesome tire,” he explains, adding that it’s a great option for the right car.

Tiretest Ratings (out of 5)westlake logo

  • Dry conditions – 4.5
  • Wet conditions – 4.5
  • westlake tiresSnow conditions – 4.5
  • Handling – N/A
  • Comfort – 4.5
  • Noise – 4.5
  • Treadwear – 5

Price per tire: $80 and up

The Tried and Tested Brands You Know

Danny also talked about the brands that many of his customers know and love.


“These tires are backed by a strong name, and all around they’re a good choice,” Danny says.

1010 Tires Ratings (out of 5)bridgestone logo

  • Dry conditions – 4.1
  • Wet conditions – 4.4bridgestone tire
  • Snow conditions – 4.3
  • Handling – 3.9
  • Comfort – 4.1
  • Noise – 4.2
  • Treadwear – 3.8

Price per tire: $250


“Overall the Michelin tires are rated well for everything,” Danny says. Michelin is a company known for its reliability on the road.

1010 Tires Ratings (out of 5)Michelin logo

  • Dry conditions – 4.5
  • Wet conditions – 4.3
  • Snow conditions – 4.0
  • Handling – 4.1
  • Comfort – 4.6michelin tire
  • Noise – 4.6
  • Treadwear – 4.5

Price per tire: $185

Cooper Weather-Master

“They have a new tire out that looks like a nice, aggressive tire. I’m curious to try them out and see how they perform,” Danny says.

1010 Tires Ratings (out of 5)cooper logo

  • Dry conditions – 4.5
  • Wet conditions – 4.8
  • Snow conditions – 4.9cooper tires
  • Handling – 4.4
  • Comfort – 4.5
  • Noise – 4.0
  • Treadwear – 4.1

Price per tire: $136

Remember, not every tire is going to suit your car. “We’ll be able to find you a good winter tire that fits your car and your price range,” Danny says. All you have to do is talk to us.

“You Have to Adjust Your Driving Style for Winter”

“We won’t sell anything we don’t believe is a good product,” Danny says. “But you have to adjust your driving style accordingly.”

Just like there are no tires truly capable of handling all four seasons, there is no one driving style to last you the whole year. You have to adjust.

Let us Recommend the Best Winter Tires for You

Danny’s favourite tires could easily become your favourite tire in Ottawa. Call us today and we’ll walk you through the process of picking the perfect set. We’ll even store your summer ones for you, so you don’t have to worry about it!