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Top Ways to Stay Accident-Free

Top Ways to Stay Accident-Free

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No one gets behind the wheel of a car thinking that they’ll be in a motor vehicle accident. Yet it happens every day. Ottawa has one of the highest collision rates in Canada. This means drivers need to be extra alert when on the road.

In 2015, There Were On Average 41 Collisions a Day

According to the 2015 Safety Report done by the City of Ottawa, there were 15,076 reportable collisions in the Ottawa area. This averages out to approximately 41 accidents a day.

Accident Causes

There are several causes of accidents. These include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving practices
  • Drunk driving
  • Weather
  • Disregard of traffic signals and road signs
  • Driving at night
  • Unforeseen automobile issues, like a flat tire.
  • Construction sites
  • Animals, both in the car and on the road.

While you can’t control the weather or when you get a flat tire, you can take the proper steps to be a safe, reliable driver.

Stay Accident-Free with These Tips

You need to be prepared for anything that could cause an accident, and keep yourself, passengers, and other drivers safe.

We have some tips that will help ensure you stay accident-free, and make you a better driver along the way.

1. Make Sure You’re in Shape to Drive

Drowsiness, illness and especially alcohol can interfere with your ability to judge distances, speed, or react to sudden moves by other drivers.

Before you get behind the wheel, ensure you’re fully awake and alert. Get the sleep you need on work nights, and if you’re sick, find an alternative way to work or take a sick day.

2. Keep Your Focus on the Road

When you’re driving, you’re already multitasking. You’re checking your mirrors, watching the road signs and traffic signals, and paying attention to the cars around you.

You don’t need to be searching for music, engaging in detailed conversations with passengers, or (yikes) texting. Other avoidable distractions include eating and grooming.

Before even starting your car, take care of the little things you need to do. Select a CD or radio station, tell whoever you’re texting that you’re about to drive and will talk later, and have your food before you go.

3. Give Yourself the Time You Need

Speed not only is a huge contributing factor to accidents, it makes injuries and car damage more severe.

Most people speed because they’re trying to get to work or back home in as little time as possible. They want to spend as little time actually driving as they can. But this is a dangerous way to drive because you have less time to react to other drivers or factors.

Don’t rush the journey; give yourself the time you need to reach your destination. If you think you’re going to be late, call ahead (BEFORE you start driving) to let your boss, family, or friends know. Trust us, they would rather you get there safely than quickly.

4. Learn Safe Driving Techniques

We could all use a bit of a reminder about the safe driving techniques we learned when we first got our license. This video has some great tips that will make your driving better (and safer).

5. Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape

An accident can happen if your car is not in the proper driving condition. This includes your tires, your engine, and even the body of your car.

Follow a regular car maintenance schedule, and don’t wait to visit an auto mechanic if you hear odd noises or suspect that something is wrong.

If You’re in an Accident, We’ll Take Care of You

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, an accident will happen. If it does, we have all the services you need to get you back on the road.

Our 24-point collision repair process is efficient and thorough; your car will be in better shape than ever by the time we’re done.

Looking for an estimate of how much your accident repair is going to cost?