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How To Disinfect Your Car During COVID-19

How To Disinfect Your Car During COVID-19

Disinfect Car Covid 19

Since mid-March, COVID-19 has impacted all of Canada, causing everyone to stay home, practice social distancing and clean, clean, clean. With rules and regulations implemented to protect everyone from the coronavirus, how does one get their car fixed?

Here at Bemac, we’ve created “Drop-Off Points” to reduce face-to-face contact. Still, there are ways our customers and employees can be exposed to COVID-19 due to the bacteria that may be within your vehicle.

We ask that all customers clean and sanitize their vehicle before dropping it off. Not only are you getting your yearly spring clean out of the way but you’re also keeping our employees and other customers safe from this virus.

Before you start doing a deep clean on your vehicle, make sure you’re using the proper chemicals and cleaners. Some disinfectants aren’t meant for car interiors and can damage or ruin the interior’s material. You can buy special car cleaning wipes that’ll keep your leather seats in mint condition. For basic disinfecting, use Isopropyl alcohol.

1. Car Seats

For basic car seats, use soap water to clean and alcohol to sanitize. It’s important not to use too much water when washing your seats. Soaking your seats can result in mould growth and affect the smell of your vehicle over time.

Cleaning and disinfecting your car seats can be tricky if the material is leather. Make sure the cleaning items you’re using aren’t rough on the material. We suggest buying specialty leather car wipes when cleaning or a highly diluted mix of water and soap applied with a soft towel.

2. Dashboard

Whether you’re cranking the A/C or the volume to your favourite song, the dashboard is probably one of the more commonly touched places in the car. Use a sponge with soapy water to wash and a clean microfiber cloth with alcohol to sanitize. Use a cleaning brush to clean between the cracks of the buttons and knobs.

If the top dashboard is covered with a carpet material, don’t use too much soap water when cleaning. Once you’ve cleaned it with soap water, vacuum it. If your vehicle has a touch device attached to the dashboard, avoid products that have ammonia in it. That chemical can remove the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating on the screen.

3. Steering Wheel, Turn Signal & Shift Knobs

Your steering wheel will be the most touched place in the car, unless you steer with your knees (please, don’t steer with your knees). Do the recommended soap water clean and alcohol sanitization. We suggest placing a cover over your wheel once cleaned.

Your turn signal and shift knobs can be cleaned and sanitized with soap water, a sponge and alcohol. Make sure you dry off all the soap water when cleaning your shift knobs, excess moisture could affect the condition of the shift knob.

4. Door Handles & Side Door Buttons

Cleaning your door handles and side buttons is an easy clean but can be forgotten in the process. A simple clean and sanitize is all that’s needed. Just make sure all moisture is dried when cleaning the side door buttons.

5. Interior Windows & Rear View Mirror

If you have kids, you know how much they love to smudge the windows. Definitely, a good place to clean. Before spraying away, clean any dirt or debris built up around the frame of the window. Then, use any recommended window cleaner, get spraying and cleaning.

6. Keys

Another part of the car’s interior that’s commonly interacted with but can be forgotten are your keys. The keys are usually made out of nickel or silver. The coronavirus lasts on those metal surfaces for 2 to 3 days. When disinfecting your keys, get a cleaning brush and rubbing alcohol. Brush all around the keys and then leave out to dry.

Drop Off Your Vehicle

Whether you need collision repair or any other automotive services, you can count on Bemac for a safe and secure environment to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have designated drop-off points to avoid face-to-face interactions and practice proper social distancing. Check out our official COVID-19 statement. Give us a call if you have any questions at 613-728-1908.