How to Spring Clean Your Car

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Winter is over, but tell that to our salt-stained cars! Along with the fresh new weather, your vehicle needs a new start.

One of the best ways to do that is to spring clean your car. Here are some tips to help your vehicle shine inside and out.

Tip: Too busy to do all this yourself? Try our detailing services >

1. Start with an Exterior Wash

Unless your interior fabric needs a lot of shampooing/drying time, most professionals start with the dirtiest part of the car: the outside. After a wet, salty winter, your car is begging for a bath.

Visit our self-serve car wash and make sure to clean the following areas:

  • The underside. The bottom of your vehicle is the part exposed to the most salt. If you’re washing by hand, take your hose and angle it so the spray fully reaches everything.
  • The general exterior. A little car soap, some water, and time will have your car looking like new.

Tip: Once the outside of your car is fully washed, have the team at Bemac apply Aquapel to your windshield. Aquapel helps repel sleet/rain and improves your visibility.

Please Remember: Residents of Ottawa aren't permitted to wash their cars with any kind of soap in their driveway. Washing should be done at car washes (full or self-serve).

2. Wash and Check Your Tires

Your winter tires should be washed, even if they’ll be switched out once the temperature hits 7ºC or above consistently. They’ll be put in storage clean and ready for next winter.

You should also give them a quick inspection to make sure the tread isn’t too worn.

3. Put on New Wiper Blades

Wiper blades should be switched every 6 months to a year. Changing them when you spring clean your car is a great way to keep track of when you change them.

4. Vacuum Your Upholstery and Floors

Cars collect a lot of dirt - even if it doesn’t look like it. When you start cleaning the interior of your car, your first step should be a good vacuuming.

Tip: Don’t use your home vacuum on any wet spots. Most indoor vacuums are meant for dry vacuuming only and you don’t want to risk damaging it.

5. Remove Salt Stains

Road salt is something we have to live with in Canada. It helps with safe winter driving, but it can stain car carpets something awful.

You may have seen a DIY hack circling the net: one part vinegar and one part water, sprayed liberally and carefully dabbed with a towel.

We’ve got some bad news: this actually doesn’t work that well. It also smells pretty bad, and that smell hangs around for a long time.

We recommend picking up salt eraser spray - it’s affordable, easy to use, and most importantly, effective. You don’t even need water!

6. Get to Dustin’

One of the most important parts of spring cleaning your car (and spring cleaning in general) is dusting. You can get special car wipes - like Armour All - for your dash and doors that will be gentle on the material but leave your interior looking like new!

You can also use spray and reusable microfibre cloths to trap dust and create a lovely shine!

7. Organize Your Stuff

Most of us have packed glove boxes and trunks littered with odds and sods we’ve picked up over our travels. Now’s the time to organize it!

Making a recycling pile, a garbage pile, and a pile of things you actually want to keep in you car. Here are some tips to help organize the items that get to stay:

  • An expandable folder for papers.
  • A fabric tote box for trunk items.
  • Carabiners to keep ropes tidy and serve as extra tools.
  • Shower or remote caddies to keep other items organized - this is great for kids who have lots of road trip toys and entertainment systems.

It feels amazing to stay organized once you get everything in its place.

Nothing Beats a Professional Detailing

It’s great feeling when you spring clean your car - but many of us just don’t have the time or the tools to do the job the way we want.

If you want a professional, thorough clean that makes your car look like new, nothing beats a detailing from Bemac. Our detailing includes:

Plus so much more! Detailing helps protect your paint, prevent rust, and makes driving your car a fresher, happier experience.

Learn about how often you should clean and detail your car to keep it looking brand new.

Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

Once your car is clean, it’s nice to keep it that way for as long as possible. We’ve found some really cool ways to keep your car tidy and inspire wonder in your passengers.

1. Use Cupcake Liners in Your Cup Holder

Cup holders are awesome, but they are a magnet for little crumbs, dirt, dried-up coffee spills and nickels. They’re also incredibly hard to clean.

Once you get them all vacuumed and dusted, keep them clean with silicone cupcake liners! They fit nicely, and you can just lift them out as they become full.

2. Keep Plastic Bags for All Occasions

Plastic bags work for pretty much everything - refuse, dog toys, beach shoes, etc. But you don’t want them rolling around or taking up a lot of space.

We found a cool hack - if you take an old disinfectant wipe container, you can nestle bags inside each other and put them inside the container. Now you have a handy receptacle that will keep everything organized.

3. Invest in Headrest Hooks

People who carry bags everyday know the pain of that bag taking a tumble off the seat during an abrupt stop or tight turn.

There are hooks you can place on your headrest that will keep your bag upright at all times.

4. Get a Cover for Those Gaps Between Your Seat and Your Console

Have your ever had your phone slip between the seat and the centre console in your car? What falls in those gaps is never seen again without some serious searching.

Once those gaps are clean, you can keep them that way with a Drop Stop. This product was featured on Shark Tank, and is specifically designed to keep things from falling into those gaps.

5. Keep a Detailing Brush in Your Vehicle

You can buy a tiny detail brush to keep the seams of your seats and any other nooks and crannies dirt-free. It takes a little time on your part, but it’s well-worth it.

Bemac Will Make Your Car Spring-Ready

Are you ready to drive into spring with a fresh, like-new car? Bemac can put on your summer tires and perform a thorough detailing.

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