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9 Steps To Spring Cleaning Your Car in 2021

9 Steps To Spring Cleaning Your Car in 2021

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Many ask how often they should detail their car? Well picture this:

It was a long, hard winter. You’re still feeling the effects — and so is your car. Road salt buildup, snow and ice, and your kids’ sticky hands and muddy feet all took quite a toll on your vehicle. So now is the perfect time to spring clean your car.

Just follow these 9 steps to get your vehicle sparkling clean and ready to roll when the warm weather comes along. (And if you don’t have the time or the inclination to DIY, professional car detailing is a great alternative.)

1. Exterior Wash

Your car’s “spring spa treatment” starts with an exterior body wash. This is a gentle hand washing process, using warm water, car wash solution, and a sponge or soft microfibre cloth. Rinse with clear water.

(By the way, we recommend washing your car’s exterior every 2 weeks minimum, more often when it’s been exposed to heavy dirt or salt. Washing by hand will remove dirt much more effectively than automatic washing.)

2. Wash & Check Your Tires

The second step is washing the part of your car that really takes a beating over the winter — your tires. The procedure should include a good scrub with a stiff brush to remove all embedded dirt and grit. At the same time, it’s also crucial to check the tires for any damage or wear to the treads… and replace them if necessary.

3. Interior Vacuuming And Dusting

Next comes vacuuming, brushing, and wiping the vehicle’s interior. Tackle every surface from the floor mats on up, even the inside of the glove compartment! Hard-to-reach areas like vents may be sprayed with compressed air to get rid of dust.

4. Remove Salt Stains

Road salt is a sad fact of life for Ottawa area drivers. Unfortunately, salty slush from winter boots can leave ugly stains on your car’s mats and carpet. That’s why salt stain removal is an important part of interior spring cleaning.

5. Change Windshield Wipers

Here’s a spring car maintenance tip: experts recommend changing your windshield wiper blades at least once a year. Cracked, torn, or worn rubber and decreased wiping efficiency are trouble signals, which often crop up as winter draws to a close.

6. Inspect Under The Hood

Yes, spring cleaning extends to your engine. Lightly mist the engine with water to take off any loose dirt. After that, wipe all components with a degreaser, followed by a quick rinse. Once the engine is thoroughly dry, apply protective finishes to any plastic, rubber, or silicone car parts.

7. Wax

Wax will give your car an attractive glossy appearance. Even more, it will protect the paint job from summer heat, UV sun rays, moisture, oxidation, and airborne contaminants. Waxing your car at least twice a year is advisable.

8. Declutter and Organize

Decluttering and organizing are important parts of any spring cleaning, even for your car. Hopefully, you got started decluttering before you vacuumed the interior. (Oh, there’s that missing Lego piece! And where did all those crushed coffee cups and empty water bottles come from?)

Now you can move out your snow brush, ice scraper, and extra gloves to make way for summery items like sunscreen and a spare pair of sunglasses. Organize these and other must-haves such as Kleenex and a mini trash can so they’re right where you need them, when you need them.

9. Add COVID-19 Essentials

Keep yourself and your passengers healthy and ready for anything. Stock up your car with a good supply of COVID-19 protection essentials — including disposable masks, wipes, and hand sanitizer.

Nothing Beats a Professional Detailing

It’s great feeling when you spring clean your car – but many of us just don’t have the time or the tools to do the job the way we want.

If you want a professional, thorough clean that makes your car look like new, nothing beats a detailing from Bemac. Our detailing includes:

Plus so much more! Detailing helps protect your paint, prevent rust, and makes driving your car a fresher, happier experience.

Learn about how often you should clean and detail your car to keep it looking brand new.

Bemac Will Help Get Your Car In Shape For Spring

Get a head start on car spring cleaning in Ottawa/Gatineau. Bring your vehicle into Bemac, to enjoy our thorough, expert car detailing.