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Driving in Ottawa? Watch Out for These Dangerous Intersections

Driving in Ottawa? Watch Out for These Dangerous Intersections

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Everyone knows that driving in Ottawa comes with risk. But did you know that according to City statistics, some spots on the road are riskier than others?

The Most Dangerous Intersections for Accidents in Ottawa

Based on the report for 2016, the most recent data made available by the City of Ottawa, these are the most dangerous signalized intersections for drivers.

1. Hunt Club Road and Riverside Drive

43 collisions, 6 injuries, no fatalities

2. Prince of Wales Drive and West Hunt Club Road

36 collisions, 8 injuries, no fatalities

3. West Hunt Club Road and Woodroffe Avenue

35 collisions, 7 injuries, no fatalities

4. Montreal Road and Vanier Parkway

33 collisions, 10 injuries, no fatalities

4. Hawthorne Road and Hunt Club Road

33 collisions, 2 injuries, no fatalities

6. Cyrville Road and Innes Road

31 collisions, 12 injuries, no fatalities

7. Fallowfield Road and Greenbank Road

29 collisions, 13 injuries, no fatalities

7. Innes Road and Tenth Line Road

29 collisions, 8 injuries, no fatalities

7. Bank Street and Hunt Club Road

29 collisions, 6 injuries, no fatalities

10. Baseline Road and Woodroffe Avenue

28 collisions, 6 injuries, no fatalities

10. Kirkwood Avenue and Carling Avenue

28 collisions, 4 injuries, no fatalities

There were a lot of ties, but Hunt Club and Riverside still took the #1 spot for the 3rd year in a row.

Altogether, there were 354 collisions at these intersections in 2016: that’s almost 1 per day!

Source: City of Ottawa

More Ottawa Collision Statistics

In a Canada-wide study conducted by Allstate Insurance, Ottawa ranked 78 out of 93 for safe roads, based on the frequency of collision claims.*

In the 2016 City of Ottawa collision report, there were 14,023 collisions on Ottawa roads. That’s 38.5 collisions a day.

3,610 of these collisions resulted in an injury, with 26 resulting in a fatality.

The worst hour for collisions was between 4 – 5PM, with the worst day being Thursday and the worst month being December.

While you may think that wet or icy conditions would be the cause of so many collisions, the majority of the accidents occurred on dry roads.

*These numbers are based on Allstate Insurance data, not related to the City of Ottawa statistics.

How Can I Stay Safe on the Road?

It’s scary to look at the numbers, and we don’t want you to join any of these statistics. So when you’re behind the wheel make sure you do the following things.

1. Follow All These Basic Driving Tips

Our priority when we repair or service your car is your safety. That being said, there’s only so much we can do. Every time you get behind the wheel, you have to be as safe and responsible as possible.

To help, we’ve created this list of top driving tips that will help you stay accident-free >

2. Take Your Time at the Lights

For many drivers, it’s tempting to squeeze into the intersection during a yellow light, or turn right on a red before the opposite light turns green. But if you don’t have the time, don’t cross the line.

It’s much better to wait for the green light and turn/cross safely than increase your risk of a collision. This is particularly true if other cars or objects are reducing your visibility of oncoming traffic.

And if some disgruntled driver behind you honks? Don’t worry about it: you’re making the safe decision.

If You Are in a Collision, Bring Your Car to Us

While safe driving practices help reduce your risk of a collision, they can still happen. If it happens to you, come to us. We have a state-of-the-art collision repair facility staffed by top-of-the-line technicians whose only concern is getting your car back to you as quickly as possible.

Concerned about the insurance part of the process? We’re part of the Direct Repair Program (DPR) and approved by all Canadian insurance companies. This lets us help you with expedited claims, and enables us to provide you with the best, most efficient service possible.

The best part is that all our repairs are backed by the CSN Limited Lifetime warranty. We stand behind our workmanship, and this extends to any of the CSN locations in Canada.

Have you been in a collision? Fill out a collision repair form, and we’ll provide you with a free preliminary estimate!