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How Often Should I Change The Oil In My Car?

How Often Should I Change The Oil In My Car?

How Often Should I Change My Oil

Congratulations! You just bought an amazing new car. Now, you plan to do everything you can to keep it in top shape.

Regular oil changes — at least twice annually for modern engines — are an essential part of automobile maintenance. Find out how motor oil (AKA engine oil) works to help your vehicle perform its best and why it’s so important to your new car’s “health.”

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

As mentioned above, two oil changes a year are the minimum for responsible car ownership. For a more accurate calculation, consider how much you drive your car. We recommend getting your oil changed every 5,000-7,000 kilometres, whether you use standard or synthetic motor oil.

One oil change will be included with your annual car tune-up, so it’s not a big deal to schedule a couple more oil change intervals yearly — perhaps every spring and fall. Having your oil changed by a professional is quick and easy. It also provides an opportunity to ask about minor issues with your beautiful new ride.

Be sure to read the owner’s manual to determine what type (synthetic oil or conventional oil) and weight (“viscosity”) of oil you need for your car. By the way, that manual might suggest getting your car’s oil changed less often, but we respectfully disagree. As you rack up the kilometres, your oil will degrade — especially after driving under harsh winter conditions, in stop-and-go traffic, or on rough gravel roads.

So play it safe and protect your investment following frequent oil change recommendations.

How Does Oil Work In A Car?

Motor oil works mainly to lubricate your vehicle’s moving metal components, reducing friction, as well as wear and tear, and ensuring everything will function smoothly. Changing your oil regularly, and using the right oil for your engine regardless of mileage ensures a long engine life.

Proper oil levels in your car’s engine help dissipate heat and give your cooling system a boost. Also, the additives in your motor oil (like detergents and viscosity improvers) aid in cleaning your engine.

The fresh oil is pumped from a sump throughout the system via a series of oil galleries. It is then returned to the sump, passing through an oil filter that removes harmful impurities.

What Happens If I Forget To Do Frequent Oil Changes?

In the short run, if you forget to change the oil, it will become contaminated as moisture builds up and the oil breaks down.

In the long run, forgetting to change your oil will lead to serious risks for your vehicle, such as:

Engine Overheating

Clean oil plays an integral part in absorbing heat and keeping your engine cool. However, once that oil has become contaminated with moisture, dirt, and other impurities, it loses its cooling power. An overheated engine is the result.

Increased Fuel Usage

Thickened, sludgy oil circulating in the system will make your engine’s job more difficult contributing to engine wear. So for the same amount of power, you will begin to need increasing amounts of fuel. Very bad for the planet, as well as your wallet!

Car Warranty Voided

Most automobile manufacturer warranties stipulate proper maintenance. Failure to have your car serviced regularly (including regular oil changes) will void the warranty. Once the warranty is voided, you are on your own when it comes to paying for auto repair.

Debris Build-Up

Part of your engine oil’s function is to clean grit and other particles out of the engine. If the oil is not changed frequently enough, this debris will build up and eventually block the oil channels. As a result, your engine will be forced to work harder, causing lowered power and shortening the engine’s total lifespan.

Choose Bemac – Ottawa Car Experts For Your Next Oil Change

As the Ottawa-area automotive service experts, we care about your car… and we care about you. We understand how proud you are of your new vehicle. Let us help you maintain your car in great condition. Schedule a professional oil change at Bemac today!