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7 Car Problems That Come After Rear-End Collisions

7 Car Problems That Come After Rear-End Collisions

Car Problems From Rear End Collision

Have you been involved in a rear-end collision? Although it’s a frightening experience, you’re not alone – “rear-enders” are an extremely common type of motor vehicle accident. Often, damage to your car might not look very serious at first glance, leading many owners to consider the damage strictly cosmetic. Once you have followed the correct car accident procedure as mandated by the Ontario government and have had the paint touched up and the bumper replaced, you’ll probably consider the incident closed.

However, the cosmetic damage that results from a rear-end collision may only tell half the story. You may have serious underlying structural and electronic issues that will make it hard for you to pass a safety inspection and may result in strange, annoying electrical issues that seem completely unrelated to the accident.

Don’t take that risk. Always have a professional inspect your vehicle post-collision and provide advice on the types of collision fixes. Here are 7 of the most common issues we look at:

Damaged Frame

Today’s car bumpers are usually manufactured from plastic, and easily cracked or dented. The result? Once the bumper is damaged, your vehicle’s frame is left vulnerable to impact. A bent frame is often invisible and extremely dangerous. After your automobile frame has been weakened from a rear-end collision, it’s often not strong enough to protect you and your passengers in a future accident.

Dented Trunk

When your trunk has been dented, you’re exposed to a whole range of difficulties. First, your car’s resale value will decrease. Second, the trunk may not open or close properly, leaving the contents vulnerable to theft. Third, if the seal is compromised, rain and snow might get into the trunk, resulting in moisture damage and mold. Most critical of all is when the trunk lid pops open suddenly while you are driving, blocking your rear view – hazardous on a busy highway!

Cracked Rear Windshield

Cracking or chipping of your rear windshield may not seem like a high-priority fix. However, leaving it unrepaired is risky; it threatens your car’s structural integrity and might even cause a roof collapse if the vehicle rolls over.

Alignment Out Of Whack/Suspension Issues

An alignment or suspension issue is one problem that you are likely to notice quite quickly. Poor alignment tends to cause unusual rattling, sounds, vibrations or uneven handling, where the steering feels shaky or your car pulls toward one side. The result will be increased wear on the vehicle (especially the tires) and reduced automobile safety.

Broken Taillight

If a broken taillight is the worst damage your car sustains from a rear-end collision, consider yourself lucky! All it needs is a quick fix, either DIY repair to reconnect wiring or replace the lens, or installation of a new taillight by auto body shop pros.

Transmission/AWD Problems

Transmission problems are one of the most serious outcomes of a rear-end collision. Many cars, particularly all-wheel drive (AWD) and rear-wheel drive (RWD) are built with their transmission or transfer case near the back of the vehicle. Be alert for signs of transmission problems such as difficulty shifting gears, a slipping transmission or transmission fluid leakage. All these require immediate repair.

Hidden Issues with Electrical/Electronic Components

Newer vehicles are equipped with many electrical and electronic components, frequently located in the trunk, including:

  • rear amplifiers for your sound system
  • body modules that regulate functions like air conditioning and power windows
  • CPUs which control the engine
  • backup cameras and distance sensors
  • electrical grounds
  • side mirror issues

These are essential to operate your vehicle safely and smoothly. Unfortunately, no matter how minor collision damage to electronics appears initially, it may be much worse than what you see on the surface.

Much of this hidden damage to the electronics will result in ongoing, intermittent problems that are terribly frustrating for the owner. That’s why you need to trust the experts at BEMAC to run all the proper diagnostics and checks.

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The amount of technology and engineering that goes into modern vehicles today is nothing short of extraordinary. Engineers, short on space, have found all sorts of nooks and crannies to put their control modules, suspension pieces, driveline components and other electronics. Ultimately what this means for the owners of modern cars is that what may appear to be simple cosmetic damage in a minor rear-ender can result in thousands and thousands of dollars in damage to unseen components.

At Bemac, we are the trusted experts in modern car repair, paintless dent repair and restoration. Give yourself and your passengers peace of mind by having your car repaired by the experts at Bemac. We have 4 locations and two drop off points across the Ottawa Valley so we are never too far away. Set your appointment today.

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